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City of Wheat Ridge Financial Reporting – May/2017


Below three (3)  links to financial reports for May/2017.  Reports include the new Fund 31 (2E) report.  Please note that 2E sales tax revenue is not included in the general sales tax numbers for May.  Instead, you can find the revenue and expenditures for 2E under “Special Funds” of the monthly report.  

For example, search for $34,444,835 (includes bond proceeds from sale of bonds in May), which is the sales tax collected for 2E through May/2017  Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments at City Hall at 303-231-1392.

City Treasurer Monthly Financial Report – May 2017

City Treasurer Monthly Fund 31 (2E) Report – May 2017

City Treasurer Monthly Fruitdale Report – May 2017

City of Wheat Ridge – City Treasurer Website