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Working Together in Wheat Ridge

In speaking with Guy Nahmiach, Chair of the Parks Commission, we believe we have
found a compromise regarding a ban on outdoor smoking in the parks, playgrounds
and the Greenbelt.  Instead of implementing a new law that would be enforced by the Police Department and result in a criminal penalty, we feel a more prudent path would be the creation of a new park rule to address smoking in City parks.

The Parks Commission has recommended a new park rule which would ban outdoor smoking in parks. City Council would need to ratify the new rule via resolution for it to take effect.  The rule would not be enforced in the courts via a police citation, fines or jail since it is a rule and not a law in the code book.  In essence, it accomplishes what I recommended which is “No Smoking” signs in the parks.

While I think banning smoking outdoors is a slippery slope for more draconian laws on businesses and other public places, I am willing to support this new park rule. I will
encourage Council to ratify it and I would vote for it on a 4-4 tie of Council.  The Parks Department would erect “No Smoking” signs in the parks once approved by Council.

I am willing to compromise and to demonstrate that I am a reasonable person. As I stated previously, the other extreme outdoor smoking bans proposed by Breathe Easy Wheat Ridge will not have my support, especially their recommendation of “banning” smoking establishments.

 The Lost Art of Being a Good Neighbor

Did you know there is an actual day each year devoted to reminding people to be
good neighbors?  It seems so simple, but with the all the demands of daily life, sometimes being a good neighbor can fall off the to-do list.  With winter weather in full effect I think it is good timing to provide some tips on how to be a good neighbor:

  • Lend a Hand.  Many people in our community could use a little help here and there.  Taking a few minutes to help your neighbor will build goodwill and encourage others to do the same.
  • Get to know your neighbors.  Do this BEFORE there is a disagreement and it can help resolve disputes easily.
  • Be seen, but not heard.  Not everyone keeps the same schedule, so keep
    noise to a minimum.
  • Maintain your home.  This will keep your home safe as well as
  • Keep your eyes open.  Alert authorities if you notice unusual
  • Volunteer in your community.  Everyone that lives inWheat Ridge has the ability to make it a better place.

Please keep these tips in mind and we can all make Wheat Ridge a great place to live,
work and play.