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UPDATE: Final Design/Build for the 38th Ave. Road Diet

So, City Council reviewed the “final” design and cost for the 38th Ave. road diet.  Originally, the estimated cost of the final design/build was approx. $7 million (or $1 million per block).  The City Council was told last night the estimated cost of the final design/build is approx. $10 million.  The sales tax rate in Wheat Ridge is 3%.  To raise $10 million in sales tax to pay for the 38th Ave. road diet project, the City needs $333 million in sales ($10,000,000/.03).  Go ahead and do the math on a 4% sales tax rate.

That’s a lot of pizza and beer sales.

Again, there is no money for this project unless a sales tax increase is approved by the voters.

And there are no bike lanes in the “final” design even though Wheat Ridge Cyclery is one of the largest sales tax generators on this section of 38th Ave. and could take advantage of the bike lanes for a plethora of advertising, marketing and creating a synergy with the greater Wheat Ridge community to attract young and old to 38th Ave. 🙁