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They Asked…I Responded…Now They Want to Argue About It?

Editors Note: We have a few current elected officals, a few former elected officials and some citizens still in denial that 2A and 2B was defeated at the ballot box. Rather than evaluating what went wrong, they want to point fingers and assign blame.  They are judging others by themselves.  It’s time to move on!

So, a few months back Councilmember Tim Fitzgerald (Dist. III) wrote an article in the Neighborhood Gazette and on asking the voters why they did not approve ballot questions 2A (sales tax increase) and 2B (road diet vision) in the 2014 election. Since he asked, I shared my perspective of the election through the same media based on his questions and his comments.

Now, I’m the uninformed village idiot as insinuated by Mr. Fitzgerald and resident Kim Calomino since they cannot wrap their head around my unbiased assessment of the 2014 election. Mr. Fitzgerald asked the questions and I responded as one elected official and as resident of the community.

I must say, Mr. Fitzgerald’s and Ms. Calomino’s responses are one dimensional and consistent with their proverbial echo chamber. Their responses do not address the plethora of reasons I addressed for the failure of 2A and 2B based on community feedback and based on my background and experience as an elected official in Wheat Ridge.

And, as usual, we will just have to agree to disagree.

I am always reevaluating and reassessing issues and projects for the betterment of our City. I strive for win-win solutions. It’s good public policy.

To quote John F. Kennedy, “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”