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City Charter Section 5.20 – Street Width Designation and the 38th Ave. Road Diet

On 2/10/2014, City Council voted 5-3 (Davis, DiTullio, Urban voting NO) to spend more taxpayer money ($41,000+) on a “final” design for the 38th Ave. road diet even though the City Charter will trigger a legal protest and/or a petition to send the road diet design and cost to a vote of the people.  The City Attorney confirmed my thoughts that eventually the narrowing of 38th Ave. (flowline) will trigger the City Charter provisions on the street width designation.  A legal protest by adjacent property owners and/or a petition process/vote of the people may just stop the entire road diet dead in its tracks.

On a better note, City Council voted 7-1 (Wooden voting NO) to look at the options for getting rid of the back-in parking on 38th Ave. now, and not later.

Please see link to memo that was given to City Council at the 2/10/2014 City Council meeting.

Memo –> Street Width Designation and 38th Ave.