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Public Art Funding Moves Forward in Wheat Ridge

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The Public Art Funding Resolution 63-2010 requires the City staff to set aside one (1) percent of development fees for the public art fund. The development project must be valued at $100,000 or more. Cost: for every $100,000 of development fees collected $1000 will be set aside in the art fund. No development? No funding. This resolution is a very simple, yet effective, concept that creates the least restricive environment for public art to move forward in Wheat Ridge.
Mayor Jerry DiTullio
 An excellent opportunity has been placed at the feet of the Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission. Council with a positive “shove” from Mayor Jerry DiTullio has taken action to create a City art fund. The intent will be to create a city wide art theme previous to starting the selection process for art purchase and placement. Council is looking favorably at beginning in the 44th & Wadsworth area especially in the light of pending development on the SE corner east and north of the bank building. Placing art near/around major corridors is such a plus for Wheat Ridge.
FYI, such development is scheduled to begin fairly soon as will be seen with clearing of the existing auto repair shop and antique mall, followed by the placement of infrastructure to bring utilities into the area. We have been approached to add a Jefferson county services building plus a separate medical treatment facility (not part of Jefferson County). The structures need to be completed and operating in two years and these are the types of developments that will create our art fund.
Since most cities seem to carry a sort of theme, be it historical, wildlife, or contemporary, some beginning discussions might be of interest to the Commission as to which direction would characterize and bring recognition to our City. I have had a discussion with Barbara Neal in this regard. Joyce Manwaring has already contacted Barbara to review some of the previous work done when the Cultural Commission worked on placing the Robb sculpture.
This has great potential for our city and the Wheat Ridge Cultural Commission.
Joyce Jay
Wheat Ridge City Council Member
District II