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New Financial Reporting & 38th Ave./44th Ave. Sales Tax Revenue

City of Wheat Ridge financial reporting now includes the new Fund 31 (2E) project report along with sales tax revenue for 38th Ave. and 44th Ave. (2010-2016) Please note that 2E sales tax revenue is not included in the general sales tax numbers for February and the future. Instead, you can find the revenue and expenditures for 2E under “Special Funds” of the monthly report or in the new report. For example, search for $245,003, which is the sales tax collected for 2E in Feb/2017 in both reports.

As you know, ballot question 2B in 2014 was about a road-diet that permanently moved curb, gutter and underground infrastructure for eight (8) blocks at a cost of an estimated $9.73M.  I opposed 2B and campaigned against 2B, but I have always supported streetscape projects on 38th Ave. and on other streets, for example, 29th Ave. and Harlan St. between 38th & 44th Aves. I do not have, and I never had, a preference for three (3) lanes or four (4) lanes.  For me, lanes have never been an issue.  In retrospect, it is best that 2B failed based on the new residential apartments that are going to be built at 38th & Wadsworth and 38th & Upham St., approx. 450 apartments.

It is unclear that the increased sales tax revenue on 38th Ave. is a result of 3 lanes and/or an improving economy in Colorado, Jeffco and WR. Empirical evidence and sales tax data does indicate that a three (3) lane configuration HAS NOT negatively affected businesses on 38th Ave., as alleged, by a few businesses on 38th Ave.  In fact, sales tax revenues have increased every year, while driver speeds have decreased on 38th Ave.

Ballot question 2B was not about drive lanes, it was about setting a permenant width on 38th at an estimated cost of $9.3M for eight (8) blocks. Any future ballot question simply addressing lane count is a waste of time and money since lane configurations are in the jurisdiction of City Council approval.  Any ballot question proposed by City Council must be a comprehensive ballot question which include design features, a cost and a funding source.

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