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Monthly “Total Funds” Report Now Available


Please see link below for the new “Total Funds” Report.  The report will be posted on the City Treasurer website at the end of each month.

Of note are the liquidity accounts.  These amounts have been “artificially” decreased due to upfront grant payments by the City (Kipling Trail Construction, CDOT, RTD, etc…).  The City is reimbursed for the payments once invoices are submitted to the granting entity such as CDOT, etc. The City is owed approx. $2M in grant reimbursements.

I am still working on a monthly Treasurer’s Report which will contain Budgeted and Year-to-Date amounts for Revenues, Expenses, TIF amounts, Tabor Reserve and City Reserve, etc.

Please scroll down on the City Treasurer’s page to “Reports” and then click the 12-31-2015 link. Thanks. 🙂

Click here — > City Treasurer Website