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Mayor’s Statement on a Recent Event

In the past couple of weeks, the City of Wheat Ridge has received phone calls and emails from community members regarding a criminal case involving suspects Robert Wallace, Damacio Torres-Ochoa, and Alvaro Cardona-DeLoeraThis case has been filed by the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Jefferson County.

The Wheat Ridge Police Department has issued press releases in regard to this case and they are available on the City website (  Please understand that this is all the information that we can supply regarding the case at this time.  Once a case is filed by the District Attorney’s Office, other details that are not part of the sworn affidavit cannot be released, except by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office

Some citizens have expressed that the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, police department or the Chief of Police should “drop the charges” in this case.  Please understand that in the current Criminal Justice System, none of these entities have the authority to “drop” any of the charges.   It is up to the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office to decide whether or not a case should be prosecuted and it is up to a judge and a jury of one’s peers to consider the elements of the specific Colorado law and determine whether a defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

The City of Wheat Ridge understands that you may have a difference of opinion regarding this case, but please understand that the City of Wheat Ridge must comply with the legal requirements of Colorado law.  I hope you would agree that defendants in all criminal cases should be tried in the Criminal Justice System.  Any other venue is inappropriate, including the court of public opinion and radio talk shows.