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Mayor’s December Update

Discovery Park Opens with Public Art

Most members of City Council, some past members of City Council, many residents and I were present for the grand opening of Discovery Park located at 38th Ave. and Kipling held on Saturday October 9th. The celebration included a ribbon cutting, sculpture dedication, live music and refreshments!

Funding for the sculpture at the park is still needed and more donations would be greatly appreciated. Citizens interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Mayor’s Public Art Initiative can do so by calling Janice Smothers, Office of the Mayor, at 303-235-2815. Thanks to Tom Abbott for working with me on the public art initiative. Thanks Tom!!

 Clancy’s Irish Pub Re-Opens with New Owners!

On October 22 I had the privilege, along with some members of City Council and Mrs. Wheat Ridge, Karen Thaler, to attend the re-opening of Clancy’s Irish Pub. The grand opening of Clancy’s is important for a number of reasons. First, it brings another dining option into the community. Second, it shows that dedicated business owners can find opportunities in Wheat Ridge to not only create a successful business but to also help reinvest in our City.

What Ridge Funds Public Art Through Development Fees

The Public Art Funding Resolution 63-2010 requires the City staff to set aside one (1) percent of development fees for the public art fund. The development project must be valued at $100,000 or more. Cost: for every $100,000 of development fees collected $1000 will be set aside in the art fund. No development? No funding. This resolution is a very simple, yet effective, concept that creates the least restrictive environment for public art to move forward in Wheat Ridge. The resolution passed City Council 6-1 with Councilmember Karen Berry voting “no”. Councilmember Berry wanted to study the issue further. Thanks to a majority of Council, Councilmember Joyce Jay and City Manager Patrick Goff for working with the Mayor’s Office on this important economic development tool for the City. This issue has been through numerous City Council study sessions the past five years. At some point you have to move forward and make a decision. http:/

 City Receives Grants from LiveWell Wheat Ridge

The City is pleased to announcethat itreceived two grants from LiveWell Wheat Ridge (LWWR) this year. Furthering its successful partnership with the City, LWWR granted the Community Development Department $12,250 in April to fund community input sessions for the 38th Avenue Corridor Plan Project. Additionally, LWWR granted the Public Works Department $13,200 in September for Phase 3 of the Wheat Ridge Bike/Pedestrian Master Plan.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!!

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