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UPDATE: May/2017 Storm – May 8th-October 15th Permit/Revenue/Expense Report


Below is a link to the bi-weekly permit report detailing the number of roof permits and unanticipated revenue from the May 8th hail storm.  Labor costs are now included on the  bi-weekly report since the City has received invoices for the contract labor involved with the storm (permit techs and inspectors).  For example, unanticipated revenue since the May 8th storm stands at $2,708,176.53 and unanticipated contract labor cost stands at $596,347.50.

Permit & Inspection Totals – 2017 Storm – through October 15th

Permit & Inspection Totals – 2017 Storm – through August 20th

Permit & Inspection Totals – 2017 Storm – through August 6th

Permit & Inspection Totals – 2017 Storm – through July 23rd

Permit & Inspection Totals – 2017 Storm – through July 9th

Permit & Inspection Totals – 2017 Storm – through June 25th

The mid-roof inspection is performed at 25%-75% completion. If your roof contractor times it right and calls ahead, the mid-roof can be the same day so the roof can be completed that day by the contractor. That’s what our contractor did. Your contractor just needs to plan ahead. If you roofer does not plan ahead, they need to leave a ladder at your property so the inspector can quickly inspect the roof and move to the next inspection. Getting a ladder on and off a inspector truck wastes time and there are many roofs that need to be inspected every day since the storm.

Wheat Ridge is NOT the only City in the metro area that requires a roofing contractor to supply a ladder for their inspections. Any reputable contractor who has done business in Jeffco knows what the requirements are.

Questions concerning the status of your roof permit?  Please call 303-235-2876.

A Message from the Community Development Dept:

The City Building Division is working hard to fulfill the roofing permit requests that have been submitted online. We are currently processing permits 3-5 business days from submission. Permits are processed in the order in which they are received, and as quickly as possible by our staff. We are continuing to add additional permit technicians and inspectors to help manage the tremendous volume of requests that have resulted from the worst hail storm ever to hit Wheat Ridge. Homeowners should continue to be vigilant in ensuring they are working with contractors licensed in the City of Wheat Ridge, and that once received, the permit with the correct address is posted on the home and visible from the street. A reminder that mid roof inspections are conducted to protect the homeowner and to ensure that quality work, as specified in City code, is being performed by contractors as roofs are replaced. We ask for and appreciate your continued patience with the permitting process.

Contractor Online Roof Permit Application

Please call or email me with any questions you may have. Thanks.