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UPDATE: Jefferson County Financial Data Available – March/2019

Hello Jeffco,

In an effort to improve fiscal transparency and better engage with the public, the Jefferson County Treasurer’s Office recently rolled out a few important updates to their website. Citizens are able to access easy-to-understand county financials.

You can view the Treasurer’s Quarterly Investment Portfolio Report for the first quarter of 2019 on the new Financial Reports Page of the Treasurer’s website. The Treasurer’s Quarterly Investment Portfolio Report is presented quarterly by the Treasurer to the Board of County Commissioners to show how tax payer funds are being invested and managed per state statute.

The March/2019 Jefferson County General Fund Financial Report is available for perusal and the 1st Quarter Treasurer Investment Report/2019 is available as well. Both reports are in PDF format, so you can use the + or – to increase the size of the report font for viewing. Please use the following link to view the financial information.

View Jefferson County Treasurer Financial Page