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Jeffco Treasurer History – Cannonball Safe – Part 1

Hello Everyone,

Jeffco Treasurer History – Part 1
The Cannonball Safe

This is the original safe of the Jeffco Treasurer. It has been in storage at the County for many years. The history archivist for the County is looking into the history and we will have more information later as to when it was purchased and why it was not used after a while.

This safe was also in one of the Jeffco libraries where they kept cash until the mechanics of the safe did not work anymore. This safe is called a “cannonball” safe and was resistant to dynamite and rolling it down a hill since there are no “corners” to break with stress. The safe weighs approx. 3600 lbs. The safe has been cleaned up and moved to the Treasurer’s Department for display for a little bit of Jeffco history!

The picture of the $1 bills above the safe is a row of money from the federal Treasury (1980s). Once the safe is completely set up and we have a historical perspective more information will be displayed/posted.

The chocolate gold coins and the one dollar mints were NOT purchased with taxpayer dollars. Come get one! ??