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How Can You Indentify Narcissists Who Have Been Elected?

Typically, elected narcissists display ten of the following thirteen traits:

1. Self-absorbed (acts like public policies are all about him or her; pretends to be interested in you)

2. Entitled (makes the rules; breaks the rules)

3. Demeaning (puts citizens and fellow elected officials down publically and privately; knows more than them)

4. Demanding (of whatever he or she wants)

5. Distrustful (suspicious of your motives; impugns motives)

6. Perfectionistic (rigidly high and unrealistic standards—his or her way or no way)

7. Snobbish (believes he or she is superior to citizens and fellow elected officials; gets bored easily)

8. Myopic (if it hasn’t happed to him or her it has not happened)

9. Unempathic (uninterested in understanding your inner experience; or unable to relate)

10. Unremorseful (cannot offer a genuine apology)

11. Compulsive (gets overly consumed with micro management of processes)

12. Addictive (cannot let go of bad habits; uses them to self soothe)

13. Emotionally detached (steers clear of feelings; demeans others’ feelings)