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Fear Factor? Blame Game? Follow the Money…








A method of operation for the out-of-town hired guns (and others) opposing TIF Reform (300) is to impugn motives, discredit supporters at every juncture with “facts” from the “experts”, never admit they are slightly wrong, never admit that the supporters may have done research and are using research data, paint a picture of gloom and doom and also paint a picture that the “average” citizen doesn’t know what the hell is going on in their city, state or nation.  They also hold the belief that the taxpayers should remove all risk from all developments with TIF under the URA even if the general public opposes the development and the use of tax dollars to support it.

Yes, the developer could build right now without a TIF.  Yes, the developer has the zoning and the use-by-right now. Yes, the controversial retail anchor still may be built at 38th & Wadsworth if TIF Reform passes, but the developer will have to build with no TIF, a TIF at $2.5M or less, or the developer will have to ask the voters for the full $6.2M + interest.

The retroactive portion of TIF Reform WILL STAND AS LAW unless someone decides to file a lawsuit and challenge it – wasting more time and taxpayer money because the City will defend it via the City Attorney’s Office.  Do you really think that someone will file a lawsuit against the will of the voters?  Bad move in my opinion.

If the developer can build with no TIF or a $2.5M TIF, why did they ask for $6.2M + interest in the first place?

Don’t blame the supporters (citizens) of TIF Reform (300) for demanding more input on public policy, demanding more accountability of their elected officials/city staff and demanding more of a voice on how their future tax dollars are spent.  They have been ignored and acted.

Everyone knows where to find the blame for this debacle…They were warned more than once and refused to listen or compromise…It’s just that some refuse to accept it.

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