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Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Won’t Investigate Xcel Overcharging Complaint


““There needs to be an investigation by the Public Utilities Commission to make sure that the money is being spent where the money is collected and that Xcel is looking after its consumers and not its shareholders,” says Jefferson County Treasurer Jerry DiTullio, who supports the complaint.”


Westword (Follow-up Article):
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Group Files Complaint Alleging Xcel Overcharges Certain Customers
A Westword article and a CBS 4 News report. A citizen group complaint has been filed with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), and the data used is JeffCo for their example.
Thanks to the JeffCo Planning Dept. for the GIS data I requested on behalf of the citizen group filing the complaint.  There are 81,000 households in unincorporated JeffCo.

The franchise fee affects any county that is serviced by Xcel in the unincorporated areas of that county. For example, this fee would affect households in unincorporated Applewood and Evergreen in JeffCo.  Where is the money going?

CBS 4 News:
Report states 81,000 people in JeffCo, should be 81,000 households in JeffCo.
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