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City Council Awards Funding for Curtis Gilmore Scholarships & STEM/STEAM Programs

City Council awarded $5000 to the Wheat Ridge Community Foundation who sponsors the Curtis J.Gilmore Scholarships for Wheat Ridge High School (WRHS) students.  Each scholarship is for $1000.  The City Council also awarded, through their public outreach funds, $2500 for the STEM/STEAM fundraiser.  The Council video shows the four WRHS students that spoke in favor of the programs.

It’s good to see that a majority of City Council can be flexible with the City budget and can be proactive when new projects and programs arise within the community that deserve financial support. The City Council invested in the human intellect Monday night, which is a good thing. Nice job speaking to WRHS students Amy (junior), Andrew (senior), Jaimee (senior) and Myles (senior) (aka Alex).

Please see video link at time 23:30 —> City Council Video (1/11/2016)