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City Approves $55,000 in Funding to Wheat Ridge Business District (WRBD)

 The City of Wheat Ridge City Council recently awarded the Wheat Ridge Business District (WRBD) an additional $55,000 in funding to support the Revitalization Incentive Program, a grant program that provides matching funds to local businesses in the City.  This brings the total support from the City to the WRBD in 2011 to $95,000.

As  Mayor and as a WRBD board member, I am very excited about our local efforts to assist businesses through the Revitalization Incentive Program.  This is just one of the many exciting things happening in Wheat Ridge as a result of our efforts to reposition the community and to be open for business.

 WRBD Board Chairman and owner of Larson Ski and Sport, John Marriott added, “We are pleased the City of Wheat Ridge continued their investment in the Wheat Ridge Business District with this latest $55,000 grant.  We look forward to continuing to provide incentive for Wheat Ridge businesses to improve their properties and invest for the future.”

 The Revitalization Incentive Program is administered by Wheat Ridge 2020 with the goal of leveraging private improvements while making revitalization efforts affordable, creative, and community based.  “This is a great program and it provides needed funding to local businesses to make improvements to their locations,” said Councilmember and local business owner Mike Stites.

 Janeece Hoppe, owner of Compass Construction and WRBD Board Member added, “We are pleased to have the support of the City Council.  The WRBD grant program was one of the factors that brought us to the community of Wheat Ridge. With this additional funding we can help our longstanding businesses grow and attract new businesses to Wheat Ridge. The current growth and development in Wheat Ridge is an energizing and positive movement that we are excited to be a part of.”

The Revitalization Incentive Program offers up to $11,000 in matching funds to commercial businesses in the City in order to improve the appearance of individual buildings as well as the overall look of the City.  “This program is an example of how businesses can partner with the City to support the goals of our City-wide economic development,” said Joe DeMott, Councilmember and WRBD Board Member. “By offering these matching grants the Wheat Ridge Business District is encouraging local businesses to reinvest in Wheat Ridge.”

Grant program applications can be found on the WR2020 Website at and click on the link to the WRBD or via phone by at 720-259-1030.

About the partnering organizations:

Wheat Ridge Business District (WRBD) is a 501c3 organization that promotes improving and strengthening business in Wheat Ridge. Their largest program is the Revitalization Incentive Program that provides matching grant assistance to businesses throughout Wheat Ridge.

 Wheat Ridge 2020 is a 501c3 organization advancing Wheat Ridge as a vibrant and sustainable community through economic and community development activities.