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Business Owners – Greedy? Wealthy? Got it Easy? Need to be Taxed More?

I wanted to share with you a message that I have received from a local business in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.  I share this because there is the public and private perception that all business owners “have it easy or they are greedy”, and they sure would not mind a new tax, a new Storm Water Fee, a Road Fee, a Mill Levy increase or more fees tacked onto their business from the government (city, state and federal).  Common sense public policy needs to prevail at all levels of government.

“Business is terribly slow in the winter. We all have problems with the landlord here. It took me 3 months to get him to fix the plumbing in the bathroom. The pipes froze in the vacant unit next door and froze my hot water pipes in the bathroom. After 3 letters and him talking to me like a dog on the phone I sent him a certified return receipt letter that stated he was in breach of contract. For him to accept and sign for the letter I enclosed the rent check. Otherwise him and his registered agent refuse return receipt letters. by state law the registered agent is legally responsible to accept all legal notices. The packet was returned.

This guy does nothing to fix the strip mall. When my pipes froze the pipes broke in the vacant hair salon which flooded the clothing store adjacent to it. Her bathroom ceiling caved in and still has a huge hole in it. The health dept said it was the building inspectors jurisdiction. A city cmployee was working with us on it, but I haven’t heard from him in a while. My problem is fixed for now but there are still 3 occupied units that do not have hot water in their bathrooms, the roof leaks really bad in the upscale store. So we have decided to cut our losses and close up shop the end of September and liquidate everything.

 This has had to be the hardest thing I have ever done. I never made any money just paid everyone but myself. Hard to find decent employees, they all steal in one form or another. Every week food prices go up and if I was to raise my prices I definitely would have to shut the doors. To be honest it has been the seventh circle of hell. I’m looking forward to being retired. I may do something on the side that has to do with legal work. Maybe process serving, paralegal work…but on my time. Just make enough so I can ride my bike!! Lol!”