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Beware of Those Bearing Gifts of False Promises


I want to update everyone on some information from a reliable source.  Apparently those opposed to Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Reform (including some current and past elected officials) are going to hire a PR consultant with a development background to run a campaign against the TIF Reform ballot question.

I expect a lot of outside money to be spent by developers, real-estate brokers, previous TIF recipents, government employees and some past and present elected officials attempting to defeat TIF Reform (1,922 signatures) —> Ballot Title & Submission Clause.  We are going to hear a lot of rhetoric, spin and scare tactics from this group of “experts”. We will see “sad faces” on campaign flyers begging voters to not take their TIF away.

Opponents to TIF Reform will say that Wheat Ridge will be closed for business and nobody will ever develop/redevelop in Wheat Ridge again if TIF Reform passes.  Opponents are going to tell everyone what a wonderful development we are going to have at 38th & Wadsworth Blvd. and how “hard” City staff worked to bring it to Wheat Ridge.  Opponents will say how the general public doesn’t understand TIF and the public needs to listen to the “experts”. Read —> The Colorado Independent (8/7/2015)

Don’t be fooled!  Spread the word to your friends and neighbors about this big dollar campaign coming down on Wheat Ridge with a lot of money. The same thing happened in Littleton.  Proponents of TIF Reform were out spent 30 to 1 in Littleton, but the TIF Reform still passed.

Keep the faith folks. TIF Reform is the right thing for Wheat Ridge, Jeffco and Colorado, and TIF Reform is gaining steam. It’s time that the taxpayers aren’t the risk eliminators (corporate welfare) for every developer and their 1980s style developments with a billion dollar/year anchors. Read —> Denver Post – 7/19/2015.

There are other economic development tools such as TIF, PIF and ESTIP in Wheat Ridge.  In 2015 and in a white hot economy, the first thought from a developer shouldn’t be “How are the taxpayers going to help me eliminate all risk from my proposed development”. Developers are going to have to start thinking outside the box and working with financial institiutions in a different way. Are they welcome in Wheat Ridge? Yes!, but bring quality and vision, don’t come with their hands out. If their project needs more than $2.5 million in TIF the voters will have the final say if their project is cool and wonderful.

38th & Wadsworth Blvd. is approx. 15 acres.  This development in Littleton will be on 12 acres —> Denver Post – 11/25/2014. Wheat Ridge can do better!!

Citizens deserve a voice on how their tax money is allocated on these large development/redevelopment projects (over $2.5 million) that will affect the quality of life in OUR community and neighborhoods. The current process is not working for the community voice; it’s only working for developers who want tax dollars with no check and balances.  Read —> Denver Post – 7/15/2015