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38th Avenue Survey – What Do You Think?


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Since 2010, a majority of City Council has been on a mission to change the look and feel of 38th Avenue from Sheridan Blvd. to Wadsworth Blvd.  In 2012, a majority of City Council directed city staff to re-stripe 38th Avenue and create what is now called the two-lane “road diet”. This change included the controversial back-in parking spaces on the south side of 38th Avenue along with flower planters and the pop-up patios being placed in the right-of-way. The two-lane road diet has been in place for about a year. City Council considers this project to be an 18-24 month pilot program.

As your Mayor, I believe you should be informed of how your tax dollars are being spent.  Below is a timeline and a breakdown of the taxpayer money that has been approved and spent by a majority of City Council on this two-lane pilot project.  


38th Avenue Corridor Plan 

 $       50,000

City Council adopted the 38th Avenue Corridor Plan in October


Amenity  zones

 $     157,977


 $     125,117

Traffic signal upgrade            

 $         5,002

Signs and banners

 $         3,905

Traffic warning light               

 $         2,845

Traffic counts                             

 $            700

Payment to the Art Fund     

 $         1,687


 $     297,233


Street banner poles

 $       81,000


 $       21,000

Cross walk signs                  

 $       16,000

Wheat Ridge 2020 – 38th Avenue marketing

 $     100,000

Streetscape concept design

 $       49,905


 $     267,905

Grand Total

 $     615,138

Below are the 38th Avenue speed and traffic counts conducted by the City as of June 2013: 

Sheridan to Harlan

Traffic down 4.40%

Speeding up 0.50%

Harlan to Pierce

Traffic up 3.30%

Speeding down 25.90%

*Pierce to Wadsworth

Traffic down 15.30%

Speeding down 20%

*Traffic has increased by 12.2% on 32nd Avenue from Pierce to Wadsworth Blvd. which indicates to me that westbound motorists are bypassing 38th Avenue at Pierce St.

Since the implementation of the two-lane road diet, at least three retail businesses have gone out of business.  They include, but are not limited to, the Cebiche Restaurant, the Dragonfly Coffee Shop and Mucilli Shoes. 

As your Mayor, I have always made it a priority to listen to citizens’ comments and concerns, and pass them along to City Council or city staff for consideration and action.  What do you think about the 38th Avenue two-lane road diet pilot project approved by City Council?  What do you think about the current traffic data?

Please visit my website at and click the “38th Avenue Survey” button to speak your mind – pro and con.  The survey is ten (10) questions. Please keep your comments professional and relevant to 38th Avenue.  I will pass the survey results onto City Council and city staff.

Please complete the survey by August 12, 2013.  Thanks!!