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38th Ave. Survey – by WR Active Transportation Advisory Team (WRATAT) – Post Election


At the last City Council Study Session (11/17/2014), City Council directed staff to bring forth some different lane options for 38th Ave. The curb and gutter will not change (flowline) with the defeat of 2B.

Wheat Ridge Active Transportation Advisory Team is asking the greater community for feedback to give to City Council. The new options from City staff will be brought forth at community meetings starting in 2015. Please contact Rachel Grace Hultin on Facebook for more information regarding the survey.

In mmy opinion, the survey is a positive next step for a win-win on 38th Ave. I hope everyone completes the survey.

Please, one survey per person!! 🙂

Survey —> 38th Ave. Survey by WRATAT

Please, one survey per person!! 🙂