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UPDATE: Jeffco Treasurer – April/2020

Hello Jeffco Taxpayers,

As you know, I sent a recommendation letter to the Governor and state Treasurer, along with other County Treasurers, requesting that the Executive Order D 2020 12 II(i) be extended, allowing County Treasurers to work with taxpayers due to COVID-19. The Governor extended the Order for another 30 days to April 30th. The Governor can extend Executive Orders only 30 days at a time.

Please contact my office at 303-271-8330 (M-F) for assistance and information.

As the Jefferson County Treasurer, I promoted the simple extension of II(i) as needed to provide some financial relief and planning to businesses and taxpayers throughout Jefferson County at very little cost or lost revenues to the County, Special Districts or local governments, and I have been in contact with these entities.

Treasurer staff and I are in the office every day and will continue to be. We have been working with a 50%, or less, staff. This includes remote working and rotating shifts, AND following Jeffco Public Health guidelines.

We are receiving property tax payments (online, USPS, Dropbox, and personal pickup by me from seniors/disabled), and we continue to have the statutory deadlines for tax distributions on the 10th of each month.

We continue to track collections/revenue and work with the Budget & Finance staff – both need each other – we are not mutually exclusive. If we do not collect and disburse taxpayer funds on a monthly basis, the whole system shuts down.

For more information please click on the following link: